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I spent this morning at The Hive, Worcester’s combined public and university library, poring over an armful of craft books:

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for. There were two books I’d seen online but wanted the opportunity to check them out before I bought them. I grabbed a load of other books that grabbed my attention too, most of them pattern and technique type books but a few more theory type books. I feel very much that I want to be learning more about the history and background to the crafts I do – they’re so steeped in history and it feels important to understand where they’ve come from as well as be working out what I want to do with them. The options for this were pretty limited, the ones I grabbed weren’t really what I was looking for, but I’m only just starting to look at this so there’s plenty to do yet. 

The two books that I wanted to see – 100 Cross Stitch Card Designs by Joanne Sanderson and 1000 Mini Cross Stitch Motifs by Sharon Welsh are both ones that I will now buy (I have vouchers left from my birthday that have been waiting for me to choose something like this). They both look like they’ll add a lot to my cross stitch library and have some really nice, contemporary ideas. I’ll also be buying 100 Colourful Ripple Stitches to Crochet by Leonie Morgan at some point in the nearish future – it has 50 different ripple stitch patterns (each is shown in 2 colourways which gives the 100 stitches in the title) and a small number of projects that use the stitches as examples of how you could use the stitches. There were quite a few stitches that I liked the look of – I can see plenty of smaller projects like cushions in my crocheting future.

In the meantime I’ll keep looking for my history books (any recommendations will be gratefully received), and look forward to plenty of time planning new projects. 

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