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Happy 20th Buffy!

Today is the 2oth anniversary of the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer airing. That seems like such a huge amount of time ago, I can’t believe it. And yet I was a teenager when I first started watching so clearly it is. It seemed like I couldn’t let today go without mentioning Buffy, it was such a huge love of mine from as soon as I started watching.

Buffy was one of my first, properly geeky loves. It was one of my gateways to fandom, one of the first things that I truly loved in a more than mildly obsessive manner. It was my first proper introduction to the joys of the expanded universe:


Buffy was also my first introduction to the wonder that is an ensemble cast – while the show was about her it was also about the people around her. To this day so many of my favourite things involve teams or groups of people working together, finding their way through whatever they’re facing together, finding family even where there is no blood connection.

Better people than me have written wonderful posts about Buffy and what the show means. This one by Sarra Manning and this one from Giles himself are just two of the many I’ve read today and enjoyed.

Buffy made me jump, made me laugh, made me cry. There are far too many moments that mean something to be able to start listing them and have the list even scratch the surface. That said, I have to mention Anya’s speech in The Body – the whole episode is incredible but that moment is something else. I wanted to include something lighter though, so here’s a scene from Hush, one that still ranks up there as one of my favourites.

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