Stitch by stitch.

I’ve had such a quiet day today. I spent the morning reading, then some friends of my parents came for a catch up this afternoon before I spent the evening cross stitching in front of Netflix (and a bit of YouTube). It was lovely, the last couple of days have been pretty hectic so slowing down properly was necessary. 

I’d been knitting this afternoon, but by this evening knew I needed to switch across to cross stitch. When I’m overly tired, or stressed, or anxious, or my brain’s just too loud or busy it’s cross stitch that I come back to. I’ve been thinking more recently about why this might be. The best I can come up with is that it’s a combination of the relatively instant achievement of being able to see the picture forming with your stitches, and the fact that at every stage the only thing you can focus on is the very next stitch. The latter holds true for all of the thread based crafting that I do (it’s where my mantra thing of stitch by stitch comes from) so I can only assume there’s more to it that makes cross stitch the thing I want to do most when I need something to properly sooth me. 

It still feels like an under thought out thing at the moment. Trying to work it out at the moment is probably counterproductive when I’m trying to quieten my brain down but it’s something I’ll come back to. There’s no doubting the fact crafting is great therapy, there have been plenty of things written about it, but I think for me I’d love to understand better just how and why it works for me.

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