Last night we went to see Sue Perkins on her Spectacles tour. She was utterly brilliant, properly funny and entertaining. The format had a first act where she chatted, told stories and read a few snippets of Spectacles and then a second act where she read a little more and then took questions from the audience. 

I’ve been listening to the audio book version of Spectacles for a while. I’m not very good at all at audio books, but thought that as Sue Perkins reads the book herself it would probably work better for me. It is, but as soon as the tickets for the event were booked I stopped listening so that there would be more new stories for me to listen to. I’m looking forward to going back and listening to the rest of it now.

This is the first event like it that I’ve been to in ages. I’d definitely like to go to more – a bit like the way I enjoy reading autobiographies to find out more about people’s lives I also really love listening to people talk about their lives and experiences. I’m sure there are plenty of events on offer, time to get researching!

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