Itchy feet

It feels like it’s that time of year when so many people are starting to make travel plans for this year. I know my feet are starting to feel itchy – between hearing of the holidays friends are booking, seeing the photos from friends who are travelling already this year and watching one too many programme set abroad my thoughts are definitely drifting to my own plans for this year.

Last year was brilliant, I managed a fantastic city break in San Francisco in April and then a hugely relaxing resort holiday in Mallorca in October. I enjoyed them both thoroughly, they were both such different trips and were both perfect in their own ways.

I’m not really sure what I want from a holiday this year. We did have plans to try and get our long planned for trip to New York fitted in this year, but I’m not interested in travelling to the USA at the moment so that’s been put on a back burner. There’s plenty of Europe left for me to visit, and while I’m keen to visit Canada, Australia and New Zealand one day they’re all currently out of my reach.

I saw someone sharing video from the Irish coast at the weekend and felt the pull of the sea, I think that might call for a road trip sooner rather than later though! In the short term I’m off to Verwood tomorrow for a few days. I’m pretty sure I’ll see the sea while I’m there, that’ll be a good start.

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