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Delicious Alchemy Chocolate Brownies

Yesterday I turned my hand back to a little gluten free baking. It’s the first baking I’ve done in ages – my kitchen in London wasn’t ideally set up for any baking (the oven for starters was somewhat untrustworthy) so it was one of my things that I let slide. Now I’m back home I definitely want to be baking more – it’s another creative pursuit that I enjoy and find hugely beneficial to my well being, plus I get hopefully delicious things to eat at the end of it.

I was given a pack of Delicious Alchemy’s Chocolate Brownie mix as part of a Christmas present, I thought they’d be a great way of easing my way back into baking. The instructions seemed simple, you only need to add butter and eggs. I got set up and ready to start.


Making the brownies was super easy, and generated very little washing up. From first opening the cupboard to get the mixing bowl out to putting them in the oven would have probably taken under 10 minutes but as I was recording the process on my Instagram Story it took me a little longer.

The instructions said to bake the brownies for 18-22 minutes. I checked them at both 18 and 22 minutes but they were still very soft at 22 minutes so I left them in a few minutes more. Once they’ve finished baking they do have to be left in the tin for another 20 minutes before you take them out, then allowing to cool fully before you cut them. I did all of this and still when I came to cut them up they were very soft and fudgey. I prefer my brownies and the soft and fudgey side but I think that if I make these brownies again I’d leave them a little longer in the oven – these would be difficult to take out in a lunch box for instance.


The brownies taste delicious. I’ve been disappointed lately by a few gluten free chocolate cakes and desserts that look like they’re going to taste amazing but actually end up tasting only of a hint of chocolate. These brownies certainly don’t disappoint on this, they taste very chocolatey and are full of chocolate chips. I cut the 8 inch square tin of brownies into 12 pieces. I would be tempted next time to cut them into 9 instead and have slightly bigger portions.

I’m really impressed with this mix. I think it’s one I’ll be keeping in my store cupboard as an easy baking fall back. It’s the first Delicious Alchemy product I’ve tried, based on how good it is I think I need to check out the rest of their range.


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