What’s the story?

I’ve been having fun today with my Instagram story. I must admit I was a little dubious when Instagram first brought in stories – I’d been casually using (very casually) Snapchat for a couple of years and wasn’t sure what I would use it for. Quickly though it’s become such an integral part of Instagram for me, Instagram as a whole has become one of my favourite corners of the Internet and stories have really enriched the experience.

I don’t feel like I’m necessarily using Stories to their fullest advantage. I don’t have any particular plan for using it, but when I remember I try and put some things on there during my day. I think at the moment my plan is to use them more consistently and work out what I want to use them for through a bit of trial and error. My life looks pretty different to how it looked a couple of weeks ago as a result of my move home, I think this is contributing to the way I feel like I want to work things like this out.

This afternoon I baked brownies. I’m planning to write a blog post about them so I had my phone to hand to grab a couple of photos, as I set the first one up I remembered Instagram and decided to start Story-fying my baking. I enjoyed stopping and thinking about what to include and which steps to omit. I think baking was an easy one to try this out with – it’s a fairly quick process, and has defined steps. I’m not so sure about how I would use stories for some of my other slower creative pursuits.

I shall continue experimenting for a whole yet. I want to learn how to use the hands free option (I follow someone who uses it when they’re playing the piano and every time I see these stories it makes me wonder how they do it so seamlessly). I need to get better at doing video of me doing things (I did a story of me working on a cross stitch design earlier this week and it was so hard to coordinate in my brain). I would love to actually get me in it too now and again. Lots of fun and learning ahead I think!

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