Book News

Bookish excitement.

I was so happy this morning to wake up to the news that later this year will bring the first book in a new trilogy by Philip Pullman, set in the same world as the His Dark Materials series. You can read it about it in The Guardian and The Bookseller.

His Dark Materials is one of my all time favourite series. I read The Northern Lights a few times before I read the rest of the trilogy – I would borrow it from the library thinking it sounded good then get a few pages in and realise I’d done it again (I have a slight tendency towards forgetfulness). I was working in a book shop when I spotted the boxed set of all three books, I gladly used my staff discount to treat myself and got stuck straight in. It was love at first read, and second read and each subsequent read.

My first thought on hearing the news of more books was excitement to be returning to Lyra’s world. My second thought was that it meant it was an excellent time to reread the books once more in preparation – it’s been a few years now since my last read through. 

I’m curious about what I’ll find on this return to the books. I’m certainly not the same person I was when I last read them. There have been life experiences, I’ve read more and learned more about the world. I’m going to be reading them with somewhat fresh eyes, it could be a whole new adventure!

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