Gluten Free

M&S Made Without Wheat St Clements Pudding.

Tonight I tried one of Marks and Spencer new free from desserts, the St Clements Pudding. I must start by mentioning that I don’t really have a perfect frame of reference for this, I don’t think I ever had St Clements Pudding before I became Coeliac. I have however eaten plenty of sponge puddings, both gluten free and gluten containing, so I do at least have that. 

The sponge is very soft and holds together very well (gluten free sponge has a tendency to be quite crumbly). The sauce is delicious, it’s tangy without being overpowering and there’s plenty of candied peel. The sauce to sponge ratio is really good, and unlike other sponge puddings I’ve tried the sauce doesn’t remain stuck in the pot once it’s been cooked.

This is my favour pudding like this that I’ve tried. The range also includes a chocolate pudding, based on this one I’m really looking forward to giving that one a try too. 

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