Cast on.

I cast on a new knitting project this afternoon. The one I bought the yarn for on Friday (it arrived just before 8.30 yesterday morning, excellent customer service from Love Knitting as always). 

I’m not strictly working from a pattern, when I clicked through from the photo I’d saved on Pinterest I discovered the pattern had been removed by the original poster. It’s straight forward enough though that from the photo I’ve been able to sketch out my own version of the pattern.

It’s nice to start knitting again. So far this year I’ve exclusively cross stitched, finishing a few projects. Knitting though feels so comfortable in my hands, and watching the fabric grow row by row makes me feel like I’m really achieving something with what I’m making. 

It’s a gift, so I won’t be sharing my progress as I knit. I will be taking photos though, I’ll do a write up when I’m finished. For now though, here’s my customary first project pic.

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