A nearly finished object.

A different sort of finished object post today. I’ve finished the stitching on this month’s cactus themed Geeky Stitching Club kit, but it still needs finishing properly in the hoop. Rather than get straight on with the finishing I’ve switched back to the border of the Home Is Where the Heart Is piece I’ve been working on. 

I remembered this evening as I was stitching the way some people, when presented with a piece of embroidery or cross stitch look briefly at the front before turning it over and inspecting the back. I do try to keep the back of my work neat and tidy, though back stitching often makes this tricky, so I grabbed my cactus project back out of my bag and flipped it over.

I’m content with the way the back looks. There wasn’t very much back stitching so there wasn’t much carrying thread from one area to another. It’s all going to get hidden in any case by the finishing, but I do like to know it’s neat and tidy inside there. 

I’ll bring some actual finished photos as soon as I’ve done the finishing of this one. I’ve refound the momentum on my other project so don’t want to pause again in case I struggle to refind it yet again! 

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