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A book to back.

Today, after the incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign that resulted in the superb, must read anthology The Good Immigrant, author Nikesh Shukla has announced another equally important campaign. This time, alongside journalist Sammy Jones he’s bringing us an anthology of essays on what it means to be young in Britain:

The country is messed up and our future is looking gloomy. We, Britain’s young people, have to live with the repercussions of what the oldies have done — we didn’t vote for Brexit, we didn’t vote in Theresa May, and you know what? We’re sick of being talked about instead of talked to. So here’s our book. Written for you by us. You’re welcome. If you think that’s all a bit in your face, you should know that it’s never been harder to be young, so it’s no wonder we’re angry. One in four people under 25 will be affected by mental illness. 52% of all people under 25 have looked for advice on homelessness. As university fees rise, job opportunities dry up and houses get more expensive, we are facing an ever-expanding chasm of doubt, instability and, basically, buckling down for a really, really rough time for the rest of our lives.

The voice of this generation is noticeably absent from mainstream media, online comment pieces and from news reports. Oi, editors! What are you so scared of? Why aren’t you commissioning us?

As usual, it looks like it’s up to us to commission ourselves.

Rife magazine in itself sounds like a brilliant set up – it’s by and for young people, based out of Bristol, and provides six month long paid internships. You can see more about that here.

I’m really excited to read the essays this book will bring. I’ve pledged already to the campaign, it’s currently standing at 14% funded so has quite a way to go. Why not think about getting involved? The website for it is here.

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