Leaving London. 

Today was my first full day back home. I woke up in my own bed, and have spent the day very quietly reading and sewing. The big move back was yesterday and as I mentioned last night it left me tired and sore so some rest today was very needed.

The whole move is still feeling pretty unreal if I’m honest, I think it’s going to take a little while to not just feel like I’m on holiday from work. This is it though, I’m home and ready to discover what comes next for me.

London has been a real adventure for me. I’ve been there nearly two years, and have tried to make the most of being there. Having so much theatre on my doorstep, easy access to so many brilliant craft workshops, and of course being able to see friends at the drop of a hat has been wonderful. I’ve loved my job too, working as part of an incredibly friendly and supportive team has been great and getting to know the higher education world from the other side has been an excellent experience.

London has of course not always been easy. The contrast between it and the small rural town I grew up in is naturally huge. London’s so big, so busy and so relentless. Commuting in particular proved to be hard going, it had a big impact on both my pain and fatigue levels. London can also be incredibly impersonal – it’s amazing how lonely you can feel even when you’re surrounded by so many people. 

I’m incredibly glad I took the opportunity to live and work in London. There are parts of it I’ll really miss. I’m also incredibly glad though to have been able to take the opportunity to leave and to return home and start another new chapter. 

One thought on “Leaving London. 

  1. London will miss you being here all the time but I for one am glad for you that you’ve chosen a path that works for you now – and that you had a great adventure while you were here, too!

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