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Sing it On

This morning I went to see Sing at the cinema, it was my last chance to use my Cineworld Unlimited card (currently the nearest Cineworld to home is about 4th on my list of cinemas I’d travel to). I’d seen the trailer a few times and liked the look of it from them plus I’d seen some positive reaction from others so I thought I’d give it a go.

I enjoyed it. There was a fairly brief section towards the middle where it dragged a little (the many young children in the audience all agreed with me on this) but overall it was enjoyable. Unsurprisingly for a film about a singing talent show there’s loads of music included, I was interested to see that quite a lot of the music was older music and not necessarily stuff that the target young audience (the film has a U certificate) would be familiar with.

One such inclusion was Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure – listening to it made me bemoan yet again that I didn’t seize the opportunity to see Queen and Adam Lambert when they toured the UK. I know they’ve recently announced new North America dates so I’m very much hoping that they’ll follow suit and return to the UK too. I think the pairing is brilliant, I’m a definite fan of Adam Lambert and have been impressed by his work with Queen.

When I got back I spotted a tweet that had me rushing straight to YouTube, it turns out that Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show included a front man off between Adam Lambert and James Corden. I ummed and ahhed briefly over whether to share it here – I have after all shared some stuff from The Late Late Show already. But it’s my space, and I decide what goes, so here it is!

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