Gluten Free

Lola’s gluten free raspberry and chocolate cupcake 

Part of my routine on Sundays when I travel back to London from a weekend at home has been to stop at Lola’s Cupcakes in Kings Cross underground station, and to treat myself to one of their free from cupcakes. Today I made that trip for the last time for a good while, and paused like normal to survey the display of cakes.

Something had changed today. They had a whole selection of cakes, individually boxed, all gluten free. After much thought I decided on a raspberry and chocolate cupcake.

The cake was pretty good. The sponge itself is quite dense and moist, it’s rippled vanilla and chocolate and very tasty. There’s a small core of raspberry coulis (?) in the centre, though I’d eaten about three quarters of my cake before I discovered it. The frosting is sweet but not overly so, I think I prefer the cream cheese frosting from their red velvet though.

Overall it was a really tasty cake. I do still prefer the vanilla cupcake from Hummingbird but this is a very good alternative. 

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