Picture perfect. 

I’ve always loved taking pictures. My first camera was a hand me down when I was very young, since I had that I’ve never stopped taking pictures. Pictures of people, many more of places, capturing everything I wanted to remember and revisit and then some. Last year I did a photo a day challenge, posting a picture on Instagram every day, and this year I’m doing the same.

One of the things I want to do this year is to improve my photography. I’m content enough with the photos that I take but I know there’s so much I can still improve. I’m in the process of finding some blogs to follow (any recommendations will be gratefully received) but want to do more. Facebook’s bizarre algorithm that shows you the activity of your friends led me this evening to discover Emma Davies Photography’s free online course A Year With My Camera so I’ve signed up for that too. Hopefully you’ll see the results over the course of the year!

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