Craft · Days Out

Wandering around the V&A

After a few false starts yesterday me and my mom ended up at the V&A for the afternoon. We started off by working our way round the fashion exhibits, chatting about the vast array of garments – the fabrics, their construction, the skills required, similar items my mom could remember. One display cabinet had a couple of waistcoats, to my great delight they were decorated with cross stitch.

Once we’d finished with the fashion we wandered a little further and headed upstairs to the jewellery exhibits. Again we chatted our way round, the beauty and skill on display was vast. This time for me a memorable piece was this one, knitted with wire using the feather and fan stitch I’m so familiar with after knitting four baby blankets in it.

I always love looking at anything handmade with my mom. This time it was a real boost for me to be able to point out things I’ve learned recently, and to be able to realise how much more I’m learning about my craft now. 

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