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Favourite for a Friday.

Today feels like the sort of day where I should be saying something bigger than I feel I can coherently manage. World news, the beginning of a new era, I genuinely don’t feel like I have the words for everything I’m feeling and thinking.

Instead, I thought I’d think happy thoughts and share a new favourite with you. Friends had been recommending One Day at a Time to me – it’s a Netflix remake of an American sitcom from the 70s/80s. It follows three generations of a Cuban-American family; a single mother, her children and her mother. 

Last night’s Netflix viewing was back to back episodes.

It’s super funny, it’s poignant and emotional, it’s sharp and it’s thought provoking. Rita Moreno steals many a scene as Lydia, the grandmother, but all of the core cast are brilliant. I’m a little over halfway through the series and torn between wanting to watch all of the rest of it immediately and wanting to save it and make it last.

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