Looking back, and forward.

I realised today that I’m going to miss this path when I move out of London in a few weeks. It connects the main road to the estate I live on, I walk along it every day on my way back to the flat (I take a different route in the mornings). 

I realised I’m going to miss it when I reached the end of it today, and realised I’d been thinking big thoughts. I paused, turned round and took a photo looking back towards the main road before turning round again and walking the last bit of the journey to my flat. 

There’s something about this short path – it can only take maybe 90 seconds to get from one end to the other – that means I’ve had all sorts of big thoughts and realisations as I walk along it. I’ve asked big questions of myself, I’ve come up with answers to questions I’ve been asking for ages, I’ve realised next steps and first moves. I’ve had conversations with friends and family – those sorts of conversations when you play both parts, puzzling through something with a voice and viewpoint you know all to well. All when I’m walking along this short stretch of path. 

Maybe it’s just the right distance from where I get off the bus or leave the supermarket for my brain to work something out and get to the punchline when I reach this path, maybe it’s just coincidence, I really don’t know. However it works I’m going to miss it.

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