Rogue One.

I went to the cinema today to finally see Rogue One. I’d been planning to see it when it was first released, but life got in the way and it’s taken me this long to get myself organised.

I really enjoyed the film. Even though it’s been out with good few weeks now, and I spend a goodly amount of time online I’d managed to sit down this afternoon knowing very little about it. I was really glad about this, the emotional punches it brings in particular were as effective as they could be as I wasn’t expecting them at all. 

Star Wars has never been one of my areas of geeky interest. I was an adult before I got to see the original trilogy and so my interest is far new and as a result probably a fair amount thinner than some of my friends’. There will have been clever nods and little moments that I didn’t pick up on, but if anything this just makes me excited that with further watches there will be new things to spot.

It was great to see how full the cinema was for the film. There were heaps of kids there loving it, and their adults too. The kids were better behaved than many of the adults, maybe there’s hope for cinema going in the future after all!

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