Finding my inspiration.


I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. I’ve mentioned a couple of times already in the posts I’ve written this year that I have plans to push forward with pursuing my creative plans this year – all of them rely on inspiration.

I’m starting to take my writing seriously. I started this last year, making decent headway on the first draft of a teen novel and while I’m not currently finding the time at the moment to have good writing sessions I’m still thinking about it all the time and drawing inspiration from all around so that when I do get to sit down I have something to add. At the same time I’m gathering ideas and inspiration for future stories.

I’m also starting to take my craft more seriously. I have a couple of ideas for ways I think I could start to turn my passion for making into a small business. Wanting to make this next, pretty big little step, and actually being ready to do so again needs me to have ideas and inspiration.

I am realising I draw inspiration from so many places. For visual inspiration Pinterest is the first thing that jumps to mind, but these days Instagram and Tumblr follow pretty closely behind. Words though, they’re currently my biggest source of inspiration. I used to collect words – quotes, lyrics, lines from books – any words that made me feel something. It’s a habit I fell out of, but lately I find myself scribbling words into my ever present notebook. Some I have half planned out projects for (cue more scribbling in the notebook) and some just need to be recorded for a while until I work out why I need them. Falling back into this habit is making me happy, even if it is making my noisy brain noisier again!

2 thoughts on “Finding my inspiration.

  1. This is great. I wish I took the time to write more things down. I just keep them all in my noisy brain and inevitably some fall out the back while I’m adding more.

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