More finished objects.

It’s only two days since I last blogged about a finished craft project but I’ve just finished the second of another two. First up came my other neglected Christmas card:

A bit less cute than the donkey but fun all the same. Following this I wanted something else cute and fun and quick so went with the free kit I got when I took out a subscription to the Geeky Stitching Club a couple of months ago:

 Seriously, what is there not to love about such a cute burger? I had so much fun stitching it, watching the character come to life as I added each colour’s stitches.

I’m so glad to have kicked 2017 off with three fun finished projects within the first few days. 

2 thoughts on “More finished objects.

  1. Love these! I did a very small bit of cross stitch before Christmas and had forgotten how much fun it is. And with small projects how quickly you can get a really satisfying result!

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