Gluten Free

M&S Made Without Wheat sandwiches.

I’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease for seven years now, it’s an autoimmune disorder that can only be controlled by following a strict gluten free diet. I love the fact more and more companies are now understanding that there’s a need for gluten free options. I thought I’d start sharing my thoughts on some of the new things I try.

Marks and Spencer were on the slow side to introduce their Made Without range, but it was worth the wait as they now produce so many great gluten free options (it’s all labelled as Made Without Wheat rather than gluten for some reason but carries the all important crossed grain symbol to show that it is gluten free). I particularly love that they offer  sandwiches, wraps and pasta salads for lunch options. And they don’t just offer one of each like most places, there are options within each category – this level of choice is unheard of anywhere else.

The sandwich options get changed  periodically. I was very excited this week to see that one of the new options is a cheese and ham sandwich – sometimes I want something simpler, or without loads of salad.

The sandwich is pretty good, the ham and cheese are tasty and there’s a decent layer of cream cheese too. There’s a seasoned mayonnaise that, to me, feels a little surplus to requirements. I enjoyed it a lot and will certainly be choosing it again in the future.

My only grumble about the range is that the sandwiches are all, always, on seeded / brown bread. I know it’s healthier but it really isn’t my preference and it would just be nice to have options on white bread – there are plenty for people eating bread that has the gluten in. I will remain a fan of M&S sandwich options and keep hoping for a white bread treat in the future. 

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