A finished object and some crafty goals.

Last night I finished my first craft project of the year. I had bought a few small Christmas themed cross stitches last year, ready to turn them into cards. Time wasn’t on my side and other than the two cards I make every year I didn’t get any others made. On Wednesday, my first day back in London after my Christmas break, I was in the mood for some cross stitch so decided to stitch these kits up now rather than leaving them until the autumn.

This was the result, a finished Christmas donkey.

I really love this design, it’s very cute and had me humming Little Donkey as I stitched. I’m very big on seasonally appropriate activities as you can tell!

I thought this year that I would like to set a few crafty goals. After some thinking I’ve come up with these:

  1. Complete the Cloudsfactory Famous Women in History stitchalong.
  2. Produce at least half a dozen cross stitch designs and list them on Etsy.
  3. Complete two full size crochet blankets (i.e. not baby blankets).
  4. Improve my photography of my finished objects and works in progress.
  5. Knit a child size jumper or cardigan using fair isle or some other colour work technique (this will involve learning fair isle or some other colour work technique).

There are other things I considered adding but I wanted to ensure that the list was achievable, and I can always revisit it later in the year and add more goals. It should be a fun year!

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