A word for 2017.

For the last two years I’ve taken part in the #DecemberReflections photo a day prompt challenge on Instagram. It’s a lovely way of looking back over the year, and of enjoying the year end. The final day’s prompt is to choose a word for the following year.

In 2015 I chose the word Create for 2016. I wanted the year to be one both of creating through my crafting but also creating opportunities for myself. I feel like I did this fairly well, though some of the opportunities I expected to create didn’t fully come to fruition I was able to start some of the prepatory work that they needed.


Turning my attention to choosing a word for 2017 has seemed much harder. I’m currently in a bit of a period of flux and so I felt the need to choose a word that would work for me however 2017 ends up panning out. I shortlisted a few words and carried them with me for a while, mulling over what they meant to me and how they could come into play. In the end my decision was


Believe. There’s so much I want to do, to achieve, to change in 2017. In order to do any and all of this I know I need to believe in myself, to believe in my abilities and to believe in my judgement. It’s going to be an exciting year I think, I’m looking forward to taking my word along with me for the ride.

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