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Is this thing still on?

Ever get that feeling there’s something you’ve forgotten to do?


I spent a few weeks feeling a lot like Neville, I knew there was something outstanding but was so wrapped up in work that I couldn’t quite work it out. Finally the penny dropped, I completely missed my July reads round up post. Whoops! I realised this as I was getting ready to go on holiday for 10 days and so decided once I was back I’d do a grand round up for July and August together – this week is the week! Wednesday to Friday will see three posts which wrap up all of the books I’ve read through the summer months. I’ll add the links to this post over the weekend so it’ll become a landing page for the 20 or so books I’ll be reviewing.

For the first time this year I’m not reviewing every book I read. I read 4 books for something I’m not currently able to talk about (the post wrapping up September will contain the fifth and final one of these). I also re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books but there will be a post about these once I’ve finished the series. And finally, I started Kiera Cass’ The Selection series, reading the first 2 books in the quadrilogy. Again expect to hear about these once I’ve finished the series.

In a look at what I’ve learned from this moment I’ve already started writing my September reads post so hopefully I’ll keep this up and get it posted at the very end of September rather than a month later!

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