It all starts here.

I moved to London on Saturday. I started a new job today. The last five weeks have been spent getting everything ready for both of these things to happen (hence the minimal blogging activity) and if I’m being entirely honest I’m only just started to take on board the fact that all this is really happening.

I’d been trying to find work and move to London for ages. No matter how many application forms I sent off I still felt like I was making no progress, and whilst I remained as positive as I could to anyone who asked how things were going deep down I increasingly began to believe it was never going to happen. There was something different about this application though, the minute I hit submit something felt different and it all went from there.

In the five weeks between being offered the job and starting it I’ve had to find somewhere to live (the hardest part of this entire process in the end) and pack up at least the essential parts of my life. The excitement of all of it has been balanced by nerves and apprehension, I’m still at that stage of cycling between thinking this is finally my time and wondering what on earth I’ve done.

It was only this evening as I emailed a friend that I realised that only 3 days ago I was living at home in all its familiarity. It’s okay that everything feels big and new and sometimes scary – it is. Bit by bit though the unfamiliar is going to be familiar, newness will make way for routine, and I’m going to find my own path. When I think about it that way the excitement takes over again, and so it should!

6 thoughts on “It all starts here.

  1. How exciting! Hope everything goes well for you. All the best for your brand new life in the Big City! Emmax

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