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Experiment’s end.

My blogging experiment that is. It’s been a few months since I split my blog into two, keeping the bookish stuff here and taking everything else away to a new home. I liked the idea of having two discrete spaces but the reality just hasn’t worked out the way I’d imagined. That’s why I’ve re-imported all of the posts I’d exported and Juniper’s Jungle will again be home to all of my blogging.

This means of course that there will be a reduction in the number of book related posts because there will be more posts about other things. I have a handful of books I’ve committed to review, those posts will appear over the next couple of months. I’m not planning on committing to any more reviews in the short term, I’ve got a few different sorts of book type posts I want to have a bit of a play with so I’m going to take my time and work out exactly what’s going to work best.

In addition to the book related stuff expect posts about my crafting, the tv I’m watching, what I’m getting up to (tomorrow I’ll be blogging about the work I’m currently doing) and anything else I want to commit words to. It’s going back to a good old hotchpotch sort of a blog, as pleasingly random as me.

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