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Who are you reading?

I’m trying at the moment to work out the sort of blogger I want to be here. The process of dividing my blog into two hasn’t gone exactly the way I’d expected it to, though I’m starting to see some real progress with Juniper’s Jungle and now feel I can figure here out better.

I’ve been around blogging for a long, long time. I haven’t blogged continually since I first started, but the gaps have never been very long. In the time I have been blogging I’ve seen bloggers come and go, and blogging platforms come and go. Social media as a whole has, I think, had a huge impact on blogging in the last few years – I saw this quote a little while ago which made me think:

“…I feel that the nature of blogging has changed. I think twitter and instagram are filling the niche of ‘telling us what’s happening now’, and blogs are becoming more like archives of great information.”
(Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches, from Bugs and Fishes’ Crafty Ladies feature)

I’m not sure I entirely agree with this, the first part I think yes absolutely. The latter part, well I’m not so sure. There’s certainly much more immediate discussion going on, but I know I still love to read longer, more detailed posts than Twitter or Instagram can ever convey. There are some things that blogging still does that I’m not sure anywhere else fully replicates. Tumblr is probably the one possible grey area, I personally tend to follow picture heavy Tumblr accounts on Tumblr itself and more traditional blog style Tumblrs in my Feedly (though of course still make sure I go and hit that heart button on the posts I’m loving).

The problem is, I’ve been reading the majority of the blogs I read for a long time now. Some are no longer updated or if they are posts come once in a blue moon. Some are just no longer relevant to my life or interests and I find myself hitting the mark as read button more often than not. Then there are those blogs I look forward to every time I open my Feedly account. I’ve recently added a handful of crafty bloggers and can already feel my enthusiasm for blogging returning. I want to shake things up further, I want to add some new feeds and discover some new bloggers and that’s where I want your recommendations please.

Who are the bloggers you look forward to seeing updates from? Please send me all of your recommendations – they don’t need to update daily or even weekly, just somewhat regularly and with interesting posts when they do. I’m not too fussy about subject matter either, they don’t have to be book bloggers or craft bloggers, just great bloggers please.

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