Days Out

Visiting the fishes and penguins.

Last week my brother had some time off work so he and my sister-in-law came to visit, and then I went with them to the National SEA LIFE Centre, Birmingham. Me and my brother last went just after it first opened, so about 18 years ago. I’d had a couple of trips to visit more recently planned but they’d both fallen through so when they asked me to go with them I jumped at the chance.

I went armed with my camera, as usual, and snapped away as we walked round. I also took a few pictures for Instagram as we went – turns out my phone camera found the odd lighting, magnified and curved tank walls easier to cope with than my camera. Things that I saw and loved included (click on pictures to embiggen them):

My whole set of photos is here on Flickr.

The things that were top of my list to see were all of the Finding Nemo related fishes, and the gentoo penguins – they only arrived in Birmingham this spring. I had forgotten that they had giant sea turtles, but fell completely in love with the one swimming around the glass tunnel. I lost track of time whilst standing, watching it gracefully glide around – that tunnel was the most relaxing place I’ve been in a long time. The biggest surprise of the visit was the jellyfish area, watching them move was a completely hypnotic, and again relaxing, experience.

I was fascinated whilst walking round to read about all of the conservation programmes that the centre is currently involved with. They’re doing a lot of really good work, it was nice to be able to read about the successes they’re having.

It was a lovely day spent with people I love, doing something a little different. Something to do more of I think.

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