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Starting Over.

I logged in to write some sort of catch up post thinking it must be getting on for a month since I last blogged here. I’m entirely shocked by the fact it’s actually almost 2 months… I don’t even have a good reason. Rather than trying to cobble together some excuse no one cares about reading anyway I’m just going to talk a bit about what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months, and then make sure I’m back regularly again so I can escape this loop of catching up I appear to have got myself stuck in!!

One of the more significant things that happened over the last couple of months was my trip, with my parents, to Aberystwyth for my graduation ceremony.

The cap and gown means its all official and no longer a dream.
The cap and gown means its all official and no longer a dream.

This was the symbolic culmination of the four years of hard work it took to achieve my degree, and whilst I went along thinking it was really more for the parents’ benefit than the student’s I came away feeling really good about what I had achieved. The day was hot and sunny – exactly what you want when you’re wearing a heavy gown (seriously, what do they put in the shoulders of gowns to weigh them down?!) and clingly cap. A record number of students attended graduation ceremonies at Aberystwyth this year meaning everywhere was packed and queues were long. Never have I been so glad of my tendency to arrive everywhere early – I was at the very front of any queue I needed to be in.

The ceremony itself was long, I was the 11th person to do the whole walking across the stage bit which was nice because it meant I very quickly didn’t need to worry any more about being the one who tripped midway. I didn’t, and neither did anyone else, it was an entirely uneventful proceedings. The highlight of the whole ceremony for me was seeing Baroness Kay Andrews awarded a Fellowship. The two departments graduating in the ceremony were the Deparment of Information Studies and the Department of Law and Criminology. Her work meant she was entirely relevant to everyone sat listening, and her speech was interesting, rousing and downright inspiring.

I also made another trip to Bournemouth, spending nearly week with my friends and their lovely little boy. These visits always allow me to recharge my batteries, the combination of a change of scenery and switching focus to be toddler centric is incredibly soothing. I love having the chance to stop and play, and it seems like every time I go there’s some lovely new thing to discover on CBeebies. This visit’s discovery was Bing!


The show is really cute, its based on a series of books by Ted Dewan (they’re slowly being re-issued by HarperCollins) and I just fell completely in love with it. There’s limited merchandise available at the moment, though licenses are being granted, but there is apparently a long tradition of people making their own Bings – I’m planning on joining this tradition.

Much of the rest of my time has been pretty quiet. I’m plugging away at job applications all of the time. It’s a long, and at times really hard, process. It’s very easy to get discouraged after submitting another load of applications and not hearing back from any of them. I spent yesterday chatting about a lot of it with Gemma, my oldest friend, and woke up this morning feeling entirely re-energised.

Those of you who are also reading Juniper’s Jungle will hopefully have noticed that I’ve now got a consistent posting schedule going. I’m currently running 3 reviews and 1 picture book review post each week. My brother has done some lovely graphics for my to use, and I’ve been working on a couple of non-review based features that I’m looking forward to including. I’m so glad that I took the decision to get it going again properly, I take a lot from it and love putting it together – I just hope it’s useful and interesting for others.

I’m confidant that now that’s all going to plan I’ll be back here far more – I have lots of craft projects and new gluten free things to talk about if nothing more!

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