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A Life That’s Good.

I’m a huge fan of the NBC drama Nashville – anything that gives me a weekly dose of country music is a good thing in my book. The various albums of music from the show are regularly my background music of choice, today I spotted one on Spotify that I hadn’t seen before – Nashville – On the Record. I clicked onto it and seeing it was all live tracks started listening.

Other than enjoying the fact the tracks were live versions of songs I loved I didn’t give it too much thought until it reached track 8 – A Life That’s Good. I loved this song the first time it appeared in the show, and was very pleased to see it pop back up again and again in different episodes. The different voices that featured singing this song made me wonder if there was a video from the performance, I wanted to see exactly who was included. A quick search showed that yes indeed there was video:

I also noticed there are a number of videos of the entire broadcast, Nashville – On the Record was a special devoted to the music from the show. I haven’t watched it yet but will be doing so in the next couple of days, sadly I can’t find any information to suggest that the special will be shown here in the UK so YouTube will have to be the next best thing. In the mean time I have more to do so might just hit play again on the album!

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