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And we’re back!

I’m really happy that as of today I’m back to a regular posting schedule on Juniper’s Jungle. From now on I’m planning on sticking to a set structure through the week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will bring reviews of books I’ve been reading, Tuesdays will bring a Pair of Picture books (PoP) post with reviews of two picture books, and Thursdays… well I have a few things in the pipelines for Thursdays that aren’t quite ready yet so this week I’ll be posting a double monthly round up for my May and June reads.

I’ve gone through every post on the blog and updated the categories and tags on each one. This has allowed me to add a couple of new things. Up on the top menu bar you can now see complete A to Z lists of the books I’ve reviewed each year. You can also now browse reviews either by the genre of book or the target age group that the book was published for.

Finally I’ve had a bit of a cosmetic overhaul and must thank my brother for making me a brand new header image!

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