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Results are in.

At the end of my post on Wednesday I mentioned that rumour had it Thursday would bring my university results. Rumour was well and truly right for once, not long after 9am I was able to log in to my student record and find my results. To my surprise, and great delight, I found the news waiting for me that I will be graduating with a First class honours.

I’m so thrilled by this news. I knew there was a possibility of it based on the results I’d had for my modules, but I wouldn’t let myself think about it actually happening – the fear of expecting to see those words and them not being there was far too great.

My parents have been abroad for the last week so the first thing to do once I’d pulled myself back together was to call them and tell them the news. Then, whilst I was pulling myself back together again I took the opportunity to let my nearest and dearest know via text or email (all people I couldn’t phone for one reason or another) before doing the family ring around. Once they all knew I could take to Twitter and Facebook to share the news – I often find talking about achievements to be a bit squirm inducing, but this was news I wanted to share with everyone. From that point on I spent the rest of the day feeling incredibly lucky to be surrounded and supported by so many lovely people. The messages I received were so nice, and a lovely reminder of how so many people have been rooting for me and sharing in the ups and downs this degree has brought.

Some people have been asking what’s next for me. I have my graduation ceremony in the middle of July and in the meantime will be continuing with my job hunting. It’s going to be really nice to be able to put a confirmed degree result down of forms now instead of a conservative predicted one. I’m keeping everything crossed I’m successful sooner rather than later, I can’t wait to get out into the grown up world again and start putting what I’ve learnt to use!

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