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Looking forward.

With 2013 well and truly done I am, like everyone, looking crowd to 2014. It should be a year of big changes for me, the absolute deadline for completing my degree is June (though I’m aiming for the end of March) and I’m back to applying for every job I can so there should be a big move some time this year if it all goes to plan. I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions, but I do plan on making a few general changes so thought I’d blog about them.

For starters I’m going to make every effort to be the happiest I can be. I’m going to do more things purely because they’re fun and I’m going to spend more of my time doing the things that make me happiest. I’ve always been a positive person, I’m going to keep this up and focus on counting my blessings rather than dwelling on any negatives.

I’m also going to be making changes about how and what I blog. I need to focus on studying for the next few months so as of today I’m going to be dropping reviews and recent reads posts entirely. I’d really like to do something different with reviewing, I have a few ideas but need to do more thinking and chat with a few people first. Anything new will come later this year. Instead I’m going to blog more broadly, books will obviously still be something I want to talk about and champion but I want to talk more about anything and everything.

First daffodils of 2014.
First daffodils of 2014.

So 2014 for me is going to be a year of being happy. A year of change, and a year filled with more of all the things I love best. More reading, more crafting, more writing, more photography and more time spent with those nearest and dearest to me.

What do you think your 2014 will look like?

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