Beavers’ Best Bits – Autumn 2013.

PrintLast Tuesday we had our final Beaver meeting of the term so I thought today I’d like to think a bit about all of the things we’ve been doing this term.

We had a slightly late start to the term due to our leader (I’m our assistant leader) being away on holiday for the last three weeks of September. You have to have two leaders with full appointments to run an evening and currently myself and our leader are the only two in our group who have this status, my mom is with us as a Colony Assistant but this doesn’t require a full appointment. We decided as a result to start back one week later so that we only had to make arrangements to cover leader requirements for two weeks.

Our first week of the term was spent doing archery. We’re very lucky to have a Group Scout Leader who is an archery instructor, she did a brilliant introductory session and all of the boys enjoyed it. Most of them wanted to keep going when we got to the end of the night, I always take this as a good sign!

The second week we combined forces with another Beaver colony who meet on a Tuesday and had a visit from The Animal Lady. This worked well for us on two levels, it meant we had a number of leaders with full appointments and it allowed us to split the cost of The Animal Lady. She was very good, the children were completely entranced by her and the animals she brought – my personal favourite was Aleksander the meercat.

The venue for our tour [pic from here]
The venue for our tour [pic from here]
After a week off (more circumstances beyond our control) we were out and about again, taking the Beavers for a behind the scenes tour at the town hall. This was an interesting night, the gentleman who showed us around made sure he kept the information at the right interest level for the boys – I think it was the adults who were most disturbed by the story of the ghost that is said to haunt the former cells.

We followed this with a couple of nights at our headquarters – a general games night and chance to properly welcome the five new boys who had joined us for the first time at the town hall followed by a night I always love – experiment night! We ran two different experiments, cress growing and baking soda volcanoes. I ran a volcano base and had a thoroughly brilliant time.

After half term we started back with our annual bonfire and fireworks evening. We shared this with the beavers and cubs of another group which made for lots of children running round in the dark! Luckily we’d thought ahead and bought glow sticks – each of our Beavers wore one which made keeping track of them far easier. Many of the parents and siblings stayed for this week too making it a lovely family event.

CakesThat was our last night out for a few weeks, we decorated cakes to sell for Children in Need before getting into the Christmas spirit. Every year we spend two weeks crafting for Christmas, we started this year by decorating wreath and bauble cut outs with more glitter than is sensible, and followed it up by colouring and decorating Christmas tree cards.

These were essential purchases for our District Beaver event and Christmas party!
These were essential purchases for our District Beaver event and Christmas party!
For the first time ever we ran a Christmas district event this year. On Sunday 1st December around 150 Beaver Scouts spent their afternoon working their way around 10 bases making all manner of festive creations. This was followed Christmas biscuits and mince pies before carols around an indoor (electric) campfire – for this we were joined by many family members which added to its special feeling.

Our final meeting of the term, last Tuesday, was our annual Pizza Hut party. The boys always have a great time and it’s a fun, laid back way to end what is often a pretty hectic term. Once we waved the last Beaver off we sat down to have our leaders’ meal – it’s much easier and more efficient to have them separately.

I can’t believe how this term has flown by. For three of our meetings I had to act as leader in charge, it was nice to have this opportunity and nice to have supportive leaders around me whilst I was doing this. The one thing I have let slip is my training, I’m still working towards my Wood Badge – this is awarded when a leader completes all of their adult training. I’m going to focus on this for the next few weeks as we have a reasonably long Christmas holiday – it’s mainly a matter of spending some time gathering all of the evidence I need ready to get it signed off. I’d love to earn my Wood Badge early in 2014 so I just need to get organised and motivated.

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