Feeling festive.

I love Christmas. There are so many things I love about this time of year including, but certainly not limited to; choosing designs for and making at least some of my Christmas cards (one year I’ll manage to make them all I’m sure), seeing everywhere decorated, Christmas episodes of my favourite shows no matter how cheesy they are, our annual Christmas makes and party at Beavers, pantomimes, and of course Christmas music. Next weekend I will be doing a lot of driving and I’ve already tweaked and added to my Christmas playlist ready for this.

Another thing I love is a cappella music with close harmonies. I sang in a close harmony group in high school called The Bosters (inspired by the West Midlands word bostin which means great) and out of my very happy performing memories many of the fondest are from singing with this wonderful group of girls – our spontaneous sing standing at the foot of Sacré-Cœur for one.

This video was spotted by my dad, and he knew I’d love it. The group is Pentatonix, an American a cappella quintet. I’d never heard of them but have now caught up on their back catalogue and really like what I’ve heard. They have a whole Christmas album, and this song is from it.

Little Drummer Boy is one of my favourite Christmas songs, specifically the Bing Crosby and David Bowie Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy medley. I think this version will join it on my favourites list, and ther PTXMAS album will certainly by joining my festive playlist.

If you’re not such a fan of Christmas this is another of my favourite Pentatonix tracks, their take on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know.

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