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The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medal nominations.

It’s that time of year again, today the nominations for the Carnegie Medal (list here) and Kate Greenaway Medal (list here) have been released. This year things are being done a little differently – the judges will meet to decide, based on the medal criteria, the longlists which will be announced on 4th February 2014. Following this the shortlists will be decided upon and announced on 18th March 2014 with the winners being announced at the ceremony in June. This year the lists of books nominated are once more the longest ever with 76 books nominated for the Carnegie medal and 61 books for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Both lists are chock full with exciting books, I’m thrilled to see books on the lists that I’ve heard loads about and books on the lists that I’ve never heard about – I think these lists are always such a great education, every book is on the list because at least one librarian felt passionately enough about it to nominate it.

Last year I watched as school librarian Caroline Fielding read her way through the entire 2013 Carnegie longlist before the shortlist was announced, and became increasingly inspired by her commitment. So in a moment of rashness I decided that I would like to try and match her efforts. The combination of the new process and the extremely long list of nominations means that whilst I definitely want to do some sort of reading based on the lit I think I need to rejig my plans for this year. I’ve actually only read the following 7 of the nominated 76 books so far:

Cousins, Dave. Waiting for Gonzo (Oxford University Press) [my review]
Dockrill, Laura. Darcy Burdock (Corgi Children’s Books)
Kessler, Liz. North of Nowhere (Orion Children’s Books) [my review]
Murdoch, Emily. If You Find Me (Indigo)
Pitcher, Annabelle. Ketchup Clouds (Indigo) [my review]
Smale, Holly. Geek Girl (HarperCollins Children’s Books)
Syson, Lydia. A World Between Us (Hot Key Books)

I’d very much like to read my way through the other 69 books, but I think doing this by 18th March is a challenge bigger than I can manage – I have my degree to finish in the same time period, and I’m sat writing this whilst looking at my “to be read” bookcase that is stuffed full of exciting books (sadly few of them are on the list of nominated books).

I think therefore that this year I will pledge to read more of the nominated books, and that I will absolutely definitely read the shortlisted books. I’ll also make a concerted effort to read more new releases so that when it comes to this time next year and the nominations for the 2015 medal I’ll be in a great place to take on and complete the challenge of reading every nominated book (and I’ll have no pesky degree competing for my reading attention!)

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