The social librarian.

Today I saw this infographic on Alyson Tyler’s blog. It was originally from a newsletter on Library Connect by Elsevier.

I really like the way it shows the breadth of social media related roles the librarian can play, whilst I’m sure not every librarian does all of these things in their day to day work I’m also sure that most librarians do at least some of them regularly.

It’s given me something to think about too, particularly as I’m now in the process of applying for librarian / information professional posts. I’ve been a keen adopter of many social media tools over the years and looking at this list makes me realise I have experience of and thoughts about quite a lot of these roles. There are a few I’m less informed about so I can go away now and read up about them in a bid to be the very best I can be when I do start work in a library job.

4 thoughts on “The social librarian.

  1. The role of the librarian, especially a school librarian, is so much more than simply dishing out books. In schools they are an irreplaceable go-between, a trustworthy friend who is neither parent nor teacher. Being a social media expert helps, too!

    1. So very true, it’s just so sad that so many people don’t realise this and think the school librarian is an easy way to make a budget cut.

  2. I love that – I want it as a poster. I feel like I’m a million different things during the day at the moment.

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