Recent Bakes

I’ve been in the baking mood a lot lately. There’s something so soothing about baking, having the recipe in front of you and following it one step at a time until you end up with something hopefully delicious to show for it.

Cooking the Welsh cakes
Cooking the Welsh cakes
I made a few batches of Welsh cakes using the recipe from Phil Vickery’s Seriously Good! Gluten Free Baking. I think once I’ve baked a couple more recipes the book will deserve its own post so for now I will just talk about the Welsh cakes. I made the first few batches with Dove’s Farm GF plain flour but then ran out and made the final batch with their equivalent self-raising flour. The ones with the plain flour were good, but we all liked the ones made with self-raising flour even more.

Chocolate and cherry goodness
Chocolate and cherry goodness
We picked up a recipe card for chocolate and cherry brownies in Sainsbury’s months ago, but it was only after the tray bakes week on The Great British Bake Off that I remembered I’d stashed the recipe away for a rainy day. It was a lovely recipe to make, and they worked really well with the gluten free flour. The recipe originally used fresh cherries but gave the equivalent weights to use for either tinned or dried cherries. I used tinned but would very much like to try them with fresh, or perhaps the sour cherries they have used in a number of recipes on this year’s Bake Off.

They look far better than they taste
They look far better than they taste
Most recently I tried making some gluten free scones. I used the recipe my granny had always used, just switching the flour for the gluten free equivalent and adding a little xanthan gum which helps to compensate for the lack of gluten. By the time I put them in the oven I didn’t hold out much hope for the end result, the mixture had been very hard to work with and most unscone like. I was right to be cautious, the scones were an interesting mixture between being spongey and like cardboard so I definitely need to think again before attempting the next batch. I’m determined to master them, I’m looking forward to the challenge of tweaking the recipe until it works.

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