What’s in a name?

My biggest problem when it comes to writing is titles. It always has been, I remember being incredibly relieved when it came to my GCSE English creative writing coursework and the only thing we were given was the title “Behind The Wall”. I’ve been blogging a long long time now, and naming posts doesn’t feel any easier than it did when I started over a decade ago, if anything it feels harder.

Book blogging is a great way around this problem, the title for a post is pretty much determined by its content – posts tend to be either a review or news so little imagination is needed. Throughout my blogging life however there have been more posts than I care to remember that have never seen the light of day because I didn’t have a title for them. The maddening thing is that I know some of them were really, really good posts.

Realising that I have this problem has helped me to realise why Livejournal has worked so well for me, I’ve had a number of journals over there and the Friendslist structure makes post titles pretty unimportant, I could just write what I wanted and post it without having to worry about titling it.

So what am I going to do? I see other bloggers using brilliantly witty and clever titles and know that I can’t do that, it’s not the way my brain works. I’m not witty or good at puns, so that’s definitely out. I figure I either continue to spend so much time worrying about it and not blogging as a result, or I just accept that my titles are never going to be imaginative and focus on making sure the post itself is the very best it can be. Hopefully this month’s blogging effort will help me to make the latter my automatic stance.

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