More Finished Objects.

I have a couple more finished cross stitch projects to blog about.

The first project was a pair of coasters, made for my lovely friends Liz and Mark. I’m a big fan of working with plastic canvas and love designing coasters for my fellow caffeine fans. After a discussion about the Black Library I was having a look at the website and was struck by the basic similarities between its logo and the anti-possession tattoo used by the hunters in Supernatural. This was enough for my brain to kick into gear, and so I designed and stitched a Black Library themed coaster for Mark and a Supernatural themed coaster for Liz.


I enjoy all the projects I sew, but the geeky nature of these made them a particular pleasure to work on.

Soon after finishing them I made a card for my cousin’s wedding. I knew their colour scheme involved teal and so worked out a simple design.


Whilst I had made many cards before I’d always used window aperture cards to present my sewing, but decided this time to use a single fold card and mount the sewing with a frayed edge. I’d seen this done by other stitchers and having liked the finished look thought I’d give it a go, I was very pleased with how it turned out.

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