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Book Review: Sleepless Knights by Mark H Williams

SleeplessKnightsIt’s not easy being the man behind the myth.

Sir Lucas is butler to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – the person who managed every quest from behind the scenes. He’s a man whose average working day involved defeating witches and banishing werewolves, while ensuring the Royal pot of tea never crossed the thin line separating ‘brewed’ from ‘stewed.’ What’s more, 1,500 years after that golden age, he’s still doing it – here in the modern world, right under our noses.

When King Arthur and six of his knights are exposed as living among us, Merlin is unleashed and a grim apocalypse unfolds, uncovering secrets from the past that King Arthur would rather stay buried. When Lucas is forced to confront his own peculiar destiny, will he choose to sacrifice his true love and lay down his life in the service of his master?

Sleepless Knights is a tale of high adventure and warm humour, with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eye and, at its heart, the ultimate butler.

I’ve known Mark for a couple of years now, and when I heard about his book I absolutely loved the sound of it. I was really pleased to be given the opportunity for an early look at it, and even more pleased to find that it really lived up to my expectations!

The knights of the book are indeed the knights of legend, King Arthur plus his faithful group still continuing the quest they’ve been on for hundreds of years… though it’s evolved a little with time. They’ve had to adapt as the world around them has evolved, naturally some have taken to this better than others. In addition they’ve had to deal with the pesky problem of everyone around them aging whilst the knights have not.

The two words that jump to mind when I think about this book are funny and clever. The book is laced throughout with humour, there are so many moments that made me laugh including a couple of set pieces that still set me off giggling when I think about them now, a few weeks after reading the book. The cleverness of the book is hard to describe without spoiling parts of it, what I will say is that I loved some of the reveals within the book – I think cheeky may also be a good word to use as other legends become woven into the story in a truly delightful way.

One of my favourite aspects of the book was the inclusion of flashbacks which give the reader a glimpse of how the knights have faired through the ages. If there is ever another book featuring these characters this is what I want more of – the more I learnt about the characters the more I time I wanted to spend with them.

The book blends the ancient with the modern really well, this is especially good in the battle scenes. The book feels like a great, traditional quest story, but has all these great extra layers on top. As debut novels go this is a really, really good one. Why not give it a go?

Sleepless Knights will be published by Atomic Fez in paperback and eBook. Whilst I was provided with a copy of the book for review all opinions expressed are my own.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Sleepless Knights by Mark H Williams

  1. I’ve just finished reading Sleepless Knights and I absolutely loved it! Brilliant must-read for any Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, especially. Pacy writing, cinematic descriptive content – it was like watching a 3D movie on the big screen. Meaty and dark in places – wonderful fantastical creatures and clever characterizations. Never saw any of the plot coming and the ending blew me away. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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