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Gluten Free Goodies – Lime Meringue Pie.

Over the weekend I baked a lime meringue pie and it was so good I have to blog about it! The recipe is from the ever growing collection of gluten free recipes on Domestic Sluttery. I had it bookmarked, when I saw Jo make it a couple of weeks ago I knew I needed to make it sooner rather than later. My grandad was with us for lunch on Sunday and he has as sweet a tooth as me so it seemed like a perfect time.


Overall I was really happy with how it turned out. The recipe was very easy to follow and the end result looked and tasted good. The only problem I found was that the base was quite crumbly, the recipe uses Bourbon biscuits and no additional melted butter to bind it – apparently the cream centre of the biscuits should be sufficient. I don’t think it was, and when I next make it I’ll be adding some melted butter to make sure my base binds well.

This recipe was of course written for a gluten free dessert, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use regular biscuits in your base.

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