A satisfied reader.

On Wednesday I read a brilliant book. Yesterday and today I haven’t gone near a book, I’ve read a few short stories, a heap of blog posts I’d got saved in my read it later list, and a couple of magazines. But I can’t bring myself to pick up another book, and I probably won’t for a few more days. (I should probably feel a little bad for the book that I left halfway through on Tuesday but I can’t quite bring myself to).

I only realised I did this earlier this year, but looking back I’ve done it for a long time. That point where you finish reading a book and you’ve loved it so absolutely and completely that the idea of starting another book feels like a completely alien concept? That’s where I am right now.


The book in question was Something Like Normal by Trish Doller. I don’t know if I’ll review it or not, I have a couple of pages of notes I simply had to pour out of my brain once I’d finished reading but quite often I can’t find my way to review the books I love the most – there never seem to be the words to adequately do them justice.

I’m curious though about other readers, do they do the same and take a break after a perfect reading experience or do they dive right into the next one hoping to repeat the experience? I’m sure that like with everything to do with reading there’s a real variety of approaches – what’s yours?

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