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Disability in Kidlit month.

imageI wanted to blog today about an online project I’m really excited by. Disability in Kidlit is a month long project running throughout July focusing on disability and children’s literature. In their own words:

“Throughout July 2013, this blog will feature posts by readers, writers, bloggers, and other peeps from the YA and MG communities discussing disability and kidlit. There will be posts about people’s experiences, reviews of YA/MG books featuring disabled characters, discussions of tropes and stereotypes, and more!

Our goal is for this month-long series to serve as a resource for readers and writers hoping to learn more about the realities of disability, which are often quite different from what you read in books or see on TV. All our contributors identify as disabled themselves, and we hope to present a wide range of perspectives and experiences.”

Day Al-Mohamed’s introductory post is a brilliant start, explaining why this month is important. The issue of accurate representation of disability in children’s fiction is something I’ve been interested in for a long time, the more fiction aimed at children and young people I read the more I realise how infrequent disabled characters are let alone accurate, real characters with a broad range of disabilities. I’m looking forward to reading the brilliant posts this event is going to generate, and taking part in the discussions that I’m sure it will start.

In addition to the Disability in Kidlit site, there is a Twitter account and Tumblr dedicated to the project.

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