Hypermobility Syndrome and me.

In the lead up to this weekend’s 48 Hour Book Challenge I thought I would blog a bit about Hypermobility Syndrome, what it means to me and why I want to support the Hypermobility Syndrome Association through getting people to sponsor me.

I have always been clumsy, I could fall over in an empty room without even moving. I got a real reputation for picking up injuries in the stupidest ways – like damaging the ligaments in my wrist picking up a video cassette, that one took over 6 months to get to a basic level of healing. It was only a few years ago that I got an explanation for this, that it is Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS).

The biggest effect HMS has on me is that it causes pain. Currently it affects my hands, arms, legs and feet. My legs are pretty equally affected, but I’m lucky that so far my left arm and hand are far less affected than my right. Every day is different, there’s little predicting with it – today for instance is a pretty good day and other than my right hand everything feels pretty good.

HMS does have some lesser effects too, it’s the reason I fall over – my joints are less stable than a normal person’s, making them wobbly. Even standing still takes effort, having to concentrate on keeping my hips, knees and ankles all cooperaing together. I also experience partial dislocations from time to time, though these feel weird rather than particularly painful. Finally it causes me fatigue – wobbly joints are less efficient joints making it more tiring to do things.


The Hypermobility Syndrome Association (HMSA) provides loads of help, support and information. Their website has become my first port of call when I want to know anything, they have answers to pretty much any question. They also have a forum which I have found invaluable – being able to search and find out how other people manage the effects of HMS is incredibly useful, and reassuring.

So this is why I’ve chosen HMSA as my charity to support for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, I know they’ll continue to support me for many years. I’ve already had a few sponsors, and I’m thoroughly grateful to each of them, but of course I’d love a few more so if you would like to help you can sponsor me here. Thank you.

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