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Time for a catch up.

I’ve been away from home for the last three weekends, so blogging has pretty much gone out of the window. I’m just starting a new module with uni, this one has an exam I have to sit on 25th June so I thought I’d have a blogging catch up before I got too stuck in to the world of Management of Organisations.

One of the cave paintings done before the Beavers arrived.
One of the cave paintings done before the Beavers arrived.
Earlier in May it was our sleepover with Beavers. We try to do at least one sleepover a year, but last year was a difficult one and we didn’t get one fitted in. When we started to look forward to this summer’s district sleepover (150 Beaver Scouts from all across our district) we realised that none of our young people had done a sleepover. We thought we should have a group one as preparation – for most of them it was their first overnight stay without a parent and we thought that might be a bit daunting at the district level.

We had an absolutely brilliant time, we called it Dinotopia and had lots of dinosaur themed activities. I love doing sleepovers, they’re absolutely exhausting (I managed about 4.5 hours sleep at this one) but they’re just the best fun. All of the young people enjoyed it too – I did the post-sleepover evaluation with our 2 youngest and 2 oldest attending Beaver Scouts and they were wonderfully enthusiastic with their feedback. The district one is just 6 weeks away and we’ve started planning another group one for November.

The following weekend was the Asylum 10 convention – a Supernatural convention. We’ve been trying to attend an Asylum for a couple of years (there are two in the UK every year) but the dates have never worked out. They did this year so we booked and headed to Birmingham for what we hoped was going to be a fantastic weekend. It turned out to be incredibly mixed, we’d never attended a convention run by Rogue Events before and in comparison with the events we’ve attended that are run by Showmasters or Starfury the organisation was pretty poor. We did hear over the weekend that they were 20 staff members short, so that probably does explain some of the difficulties but definitely not them all.

My biggest problem was with the signing side of the convention – by the time my group was called (groups were called in reverse order meaning that people who booked last got to go first) the 10×8 photos to get signed had sold out for a number of the guests meaning I went without a number of the signings that I wanted. By the end of Saturday the stress caused by the lack of organisation had left us all worn out and sure of the fact we’d never do another event organised by Rogue.

On the Sunday we had no signings left to do so we could spend the entire day in the main hall listening to the Q and A panels. Every single attending cast member was brilliant, when the day started with Misha Collins playing a game of Twister with some Castiel cosplayers we thought it was going to be good. The afternoon was my personal highlight, there was a complete lack of respect for the schedule from the actors – people stayed and joined in the next panels or just appeared and joined in, and the result was complete and utter chaos in the most entertaining way. By the time it was all over I’d definitely moved from my never doing another Rogue event to probably doing next May’s, the announcement of Jim Beaver has helped with this, and the advance knowledge that I shouldn’t expect to get any signings that I want so that any I do get are a real bonus.

I finally saw Something Special this weekend and was introduced to the wonderful Mr Tumble. [Image from here].
I finally saw Something Special this weekend and was introduced to the wonderful Mr Tumble. [Image from here].
Finally, this last weekend I went to visit friends and their lovely baby. I saw them in February when he was about 3 months old, the difference in him now as an almost 6 month old was huge. It was so nice to see them all, spending a couple of days watching CBeebies, playing games and getting baby cwtches was just what I needed after a stressful week. We ended the weekend by all visiting more friends and having a day filled with scrummy food and lots of chat. I certainly feel like my batteries are recharged and I’m ready to face this next study challenge.

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