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Picture Book Mini Reviews [2].

One of my 2013 reading resolutions was to read more picture books. I’m going to share my thoughts on these books in mini reviews throughout the year.

Babbit by Lydia Monks. Egmont UK.
This is a fantasy story, Babbit (a soft toy) gets kidnapped by some scary creatures and is rescued by the two girls who own him – the Big One and the Little One. If I’m honest I didn’t think the story actually made all that much sense – I think it’s a book to enjoy and not think about too deeply! I think this book would be excellent for reading aloud, the text throughout the book is in variable sizes giving the reader all the necessary cues for how loud to read each bit.

Walter & the No-Need-To-Worry suit by Rachel Bright. Harper Collins Childrens’ Books.
This book is part of the “The Wonderful World of Walter & Winnie” series. The story is all about Walter being a worrywart, and focuses on how his friends helped him to overcome his worries. I loved the way the book begins by describing Woolybottom, where the characters live, it shows their houses and who lives in all the others – this reminded me a little of the map in the Milly-Molly-Mandy books I adored as a child. I thought this book was really funny, there are lots of little things to notice in the pictures – it would be fun read again and again.

The Scariest Monster in the World by Lee Weatherly & Algy Craig Hall. Boxer Books.
This is a really sweet story, a horrible scary monster gets hiccups and gets upset when everything he tries doesn’t work. The animals he usually scare help – eventually finding a way to stop his hiccups. It’s a funny book with a really nice message about friendship, I really enjoyed reading it and think it would be a lovely book to share with a group – it could be a great starting point for discussions.

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