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Picture Book Mini Reviews [1].

One of my 2013 reading resolutions was to read more picture books. I’m going to share my thoughts on these books in mini reviews throughout the year.

Missing Mummy by Rebecca Cobb. Macmillan Children’s Books.
This book is subtitled as a book about bereavement and as such I was able to prepare myself for what I anticipated was going to be a sad read. This is a lovely, simple exploration of a young child grieving for a parent, it touches on the some of the emotions a child might experience and some of the misinterpretations a young child might make – e.g. thinking that mummy has gone away ‘cos he was naughty. The illustrations have a childlike quality, they are done in nice bold colours throughout rather than taking a more pastel approach. I think this book would be good for a child in this situation and it would be good for their peers too.

It’s a Book by Lane Smith. Macmillan Children’s Books.
This book is a real love letter to books – Monkey is reading a book and his friend Jackass doesn’t understand what a book is, his love is for everything digital. I thought it was really funny to see all the questions Jackass asks, they all focus on the things computers can do and need and patient Monkey explains that his book doesn’t do or need any of them. I thought the mention of the library was very nice, and the outcome of the book left me feeling very satisfied.

Hudson Hates School by Ella Hudson. Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.
This book is about dyslexia – the reason Hudson hates school is because of how hard it is and the way the other children think he’s stupid. The author has dyslexia herself so this book has been created from a real place of understanding, she can help the reader to understand how Hudson is feeling. I think young children who are having difficulties with literacy, including those who have dyslexia could find this book a comfort and something that gives them hope.

2 thoughts on “Picture Book Mini Reviews [1].

  1. What lovely mini-reviews! I love picture books so much. E doesn’t let me read them to him anymore and The Littlest wants to be like his older brother… We’ve read It’s a Book together, I remember them liking it. Loving the sound of Hudson Hates School.

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